Thursday Two Questions Meme - Childhood Collections

As a child I never really liked dolls or collected anything.  I enjoyed craft projects and at an early age would build TV sets, stages, and altars out of cardboard and construction paper and paint them and adorn them with flowers, bows and anything I could find which would be fitting for their purpose.  I also made puppets and loved to draw and color.  I was actually pretty talented in these areas until I grew into my teenage years.  Then I became more interested in boys, music and junk food :D.

As I got older, my creative talents as a youngster diminished and I began collecting plates, music boxes and dolls.  It was my way of buying art that I could appreciate and afford.  The doll shown above is "Little Dove" which was created by artist Gregory Perillo.  I fell in love with her the first time I saw her with her little papoose on her back.  She is just adorable.

Now, I have grown to a point in my life where less is more and I am shedding my material goods with the exception of sentimental items and my Hong Kong collection.  Of course throughout my life I always wrote poetry and always collected many books of which I still have today.

My two questions this week are:

1. Did you collect anything as a child?

2. What did you collect?

For more information on the doll "Little Dove" shown above, visit the listing at Collectibles Mercantile.

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Ann said…
You know I really had to think about this one. I vaguely remember collecting little knick knacks when I was young but I can't recall what any of them were. I know I don't have any of them now. I guess whatever I collected must not have been that impressive of a collection :)
Ann, I think we all grow out of our collections at some point or another. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
SquirrelQueen said…
I really had to think about this for a bit. I vaguely remember collecting stamps for awhile but it didn't last long. Probably books were my most prized collectables, I was (still am) an avid reader as a child.
Squirrel, same here. I've always had books though most of mine are poetry. Thanks for stopping by.
Self Sagacity said…
I didn't have toys to play with as a child. Now I get to play a lot of them with Trinity. :-)
1)I didn't have much to collect anything, but if I could of, I love small boxes of any kind. Especially the ones that are unique and intricately designed. 2) I now collect figurines and plants that I like, but my maximum is 3 each. I know, that can't really be called a collection. However, my reason for that is I am afraid of going overboard. :-)
Self, Actually 2 of anything is considered a collection :) I too like intricate boxes and at some point I will be making music boxes when I can find the right boxes to use.
Icy BC said…
I collected different pens, dried pressed flowers, and butterflies. I was taught to have a neat hand writing, so I must have pens that work for me. Now, I'm growing old to even want to hold pen or pencil. Typing seems easier on the fingers.
DoanLegacy said…
We grow up with very little toys around, so we have nothing to collect, but when we go to the ocean, I used to pick up shells and collected them as souvenirs.

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