Tracfone LG500G Cell Phone Review

I have been with Tracfone for years and decided to upgrade my basic phone to one that had web browsing capabilities. There were a few that caught my eye but I kept coming back to the LG500G for a couple of reasons.

First, I liked the fact that it also housed an MP3 player and that it took a 4gb micro SD card. I also liked the fact that it had a 1.3 megapixel camera. Finally, I loved the look. I went to a local store to see it in person and found this to be the phone I wanted.

I ordered the phone directly from the Tracfone website. They were advertising a special price of $29.99 for the phone and accessory kit with double minutes for life. You just can't beat that, so I ordered it.

It was shipped within three days of ordering. I am not much on reading directions so I basically took the phone out of the box and began charging it. While it was charging which only took about two hours, I activated the phone online through the Tracfone website which took about 5 minutes. I was impressed.

Once the phone was charged I went through the settings and customized the sounds and display on the phone. I then uploaded my mp3's to the micro SD card I purchased and then inserted the card in the phone and voila! I had an mp3 player as well as a phone. I then decided to test the camera. Went to my favorite gardens and got photos of flowers, landscape and murals. I was surprised at the quality of photos. I was also able to send them directly to my Facebook account through the phone.

The phone has web capabilities with many applications that you can download. However for me, I don't use the browser that often but I like to know it's there in case I have problems with my computer and need to get online. That is also another reason I upgraded and bought this phone.

I've always been slow when texting but with this Qwerty keyboard, I am gaining speed and love it. I can text photos to friends and family. There is also video capabilities of which I have not yet tried but will soon. Another good aspect is there is no charge to minutes when playing your mp3's which is great because I'm listening to them all the time.

Another thing I really like about this phone is the fact that you can lock the keyboard. I like having the phone on during the day so it's handy to be able to lock it so the browser isn't activated when in your pocket or purse.

There are also a couple of games on the phone though I don't use that. Another great thing about the phone is you can buy your minutes right over the phone when you sign up for that service through the Tracfone website. Oh, did I mention double minutes for life? If you buy for example 200 minutes, you automatically get 400. I signed up for their plan which will automatically get me 400 minutes each month.

I've only had the phone for a couple of weeks and love it! I've been able to use my mp3 files as ringtones and customize the wallpaper with my own photos.

This phone also has Bluetooth capabilites. I basically use my old headphones and they work great. You can set the volume for the phone and sounds for it as you see fit. You can also customize the setting to how long you want the screen and keyboard lit up or if you want to save power you can do that as well.

I have been all over the city with it and the service is perfect. I have yet to have a dropped call even on an underground train station. The service was clear.

All in all I love this phone - everything about it is fantastic!!!


Well, my phone came in 6 days... 3 days processing and 3 days shipping. It takes 1 stop in Memphis TN... I had to order another SIM Card because the one that came was broken!
Christian, Yeah, I think the processing and shipping is different for everyone plus over the past three weeks HSN had a triple minute special on the phone which resulted in an influx of buyers. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Icy BC said…
That sounds great, and I like the look of this phone too, Jo! 4gb micro card will give you plenty of space to store your photos too!
Icy, yes, I was surprised at all the room this phone has on it. Almost like my computer :) I really love it.
Anonymous said…
I've been with Tracfone since 2004. This LG500g is my 3rd phone and replaces a Motorola W376g.

The phone works as advertized and I am very happy with it's capabilities. I have no problem sending text, pix and video to other phones and to my email. I DO use the voice recorder a lot as I am a Neighborhood Watch member and it comes in handy while on patrol. I'm very impressed with the quality of the video and the associated sound. All in all.... a great phone at a great price!! Get one!!
JSteff said…
This is my 4th or 5th tracfone.
This one does not have a radio built in like my motorola 376G.
It does have a large storage capability though!
The tracfone manual for it is terrible at explaining all its functions and capabilities.
Now if I can get in on a Christmas deal like last year... I added 200 minutes and it doubled my double and added (get this) air time until 2072!!!
Merry Xmas deal from tracfone-- Oh yeah best time is free time!
Anonymous said…
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