The San Francisco 49ers Team of the Decade Hardcover Book

Back in the 80's the San Francisco 49ers were at the top of their game. I still remember so vividly the parties in the streets after those super bowl wins. That was a special time in San Francisco history and I don't know that we will ever see that again with the Niners.

I bought this book when it was released and read it a couple of times. It serves as history and shares inside stories into the Niners rise to the top with their super bowl victories. The book is in great shape with only some minor wear on the dust jacket. It was kept in a closed book shelf for years.

This is a wonderful addition for any collector who loves sports.

For more details and ordering instructions visit the listing at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


Self Sagacity said…
this is interesting, i think many people would love to have this book.

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