Thursday Two Questions Meme - What Is He Thinking?

Taken among the redwoods at the SF Botanical Gardens.

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I was traipsing around the redwood trail at the botanical gardens when I spotted this little guy perched about 15 to 20 feet high upon a redwood. What was interesting about this is that he did not move. I got as close as I could but still had to use my zoom lens. I deliberately made noise yet he did not budge which is very unusual for a squirrel. At first glance, due to the fact that his tail was in that position I thought he was sleeping until I saw his eyes were opened. There were other squirrels as feisty as ever climbing other trees yet this guy did not move an inch.

I was there watching probably about 10 minutes or so and his pose was fixed the entire time. I still don't know what he was doing. My guess is he wanted to jump but was afraid or he was praying he would land safely? :D

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you study animals while out photographing?

2. What is your best guess as to what this little one was doing?

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Icy BC said…
That is an awesome capture Jo!

1) I do like to observe the animals when I taking pictures, and sometimes, I forgot to shoot just to watch.

2) He is thinking, how many more nuts he should gather and bring them home!
Icy, LOL!!! that my just be it :)
Brenda H said…
I don't study animals too much while photographing.

Maybe the squirrel was busy watching someone or something? It is a great picture!
♥~Judy~♥ said…
He may be trying to gauge whether you are trustworthy or not and wondering if you spotted him. I love to watch animals and nature.
Self Sagacity said…
I observe the animals, not so much squirrels, but birds more often.
I actually think that he knows you're watching him and wanted to be as still as possible so that he can pretend he is part of the tree. smiles. Not sure what he could possibly be thinking, but I don't think he is afraid to jump, its in his nature.
Heavensent1 said…
1. I don't always study animals when I photograph...but I can call squirrels to me and have them crawl all over me...I used to tease my sister when we were younger...she was afraid of them and it was fun to see her squeal...heh heh

2. I think he's practicing for the Critter Olympics and and my bets are hedging he's on the dive team...and now he is frozen for if any of us suspected what occurs in the realm of Nature he'd be described as a sell out and his wee li'l squirrelly soul couldn't handle frozen like a deer caught in the headlights he is...little beads of sweat begin to break out as he holds his breath just WAITING for you to take the freakin' picture already...haha
betchai said…
I enjoy this post Jo :) and love the picture out there.
1) Yes, I love observing animals, and I love making my own imaginative thoughts as to what they are thinking. Sometimes, I observe them too much I miss taking the more precious moment photo :(
2)He is thinking, "should I, or should I not dive for nuts?"
SquirrelQueen said…
He's a cutie, great capture.

I do study animals, especially squirrels. When you see them being very still like that it's because they sense danger. They are trying not to be seen. Something spooked this little fellow. I have seen this on many occasions in one of our local parks where folks walk dogs. They will be very still and watch the dog, once the dog is gone it's squirrel business as usual.

But then we are talking about squirrels and predictability is not a squirrel trait. :)
RNSANE said…
I definitely check out the animals when I am out and about - especially the two legged ones.

This little squirrel must be wondering if you're the nice girl that used to bring Nutter Butters and why you don't anymore.
Mama Zen said…
I definitely study animals when I'm photographing.

I think he thinks that he's invisible!
Luna Miranda said…
i usually shoot and study later if the animal doesn't run away. i got lots of practice with my dog--i look at his best angles. but in the "wild", it's rare for an animal to stay put. this is an awesome shot--the squirrel looks like it's praying.:p he was probably calculating the height!*LOL*
Brenda, that could very well be, thanks for commenting.

Judy, I hope he wasn't scared of me :) I love studying animals as well.

Amanda, yes, he sort of blended in with the tree :) Thanks.

Heavenscent, :D thanks for making my morning for me. That was hilarious!

Squirrel, I knew you would have the answer and thanks for the info. There are many skunks that hang out in the redwood trail so it could be he spotted one of those or something else.

Carmen, :D He's hoping I don't see him so he won't have to endure wheat bread and bok choy :D

Mamz zen, Yep, he's playing invisible, thank you.
Luan, :) I think you are right. He was probably doing both. I know I would at that height :D
JamericanSpice said…
I love watching animals when I do have the time. They do interesting things and have interesting behaviours.

I think the little one was watching the bird feeder, thinking he can jump on it? :)
Jamerican, another great guess, that could very well be. Thanks for commenting.
gengen said…
I did not think of doing that hehehe and also the squirrel maybe looking below...
Daisy said…
You know, Bert & Ernie (the gerbils) sometimes sleep with their eyes partly open. Or we assume they are asleep piled together not moving a muscle.
gengen, Thank you

Daisy, That could be, he may be dozing off. Thanks my little one :)

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