Thursday Two Questions Meme - Cell Phones

I am from the old school where phones are meant for communication and to speak with family and friends. I do have a cell phone that I bought years ago and is basically a no frills phone. I bought it through Tracfone because of the pay as you go option.

Due to the internet connectivity issues I have been having which are still not completely resolved I found it necessary to upgrade my phone and find something that had access to the internet should my DSL issues continue. I wanted to be able to connect on eBay to receive and fill my store orders.

So, I checked with Tracfone and found one of their latest additions as you can see in the above photo. This is the LG500G which basically does everything short of flying a plane for you. I ordered it the other day and should be receiving it by this weekend. I'm sure it will take me weeks to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles, (what is bluetooth anyway?) but the main thing is it will relieve my anxiety about not being able to fill orders because of the whole AT&T problem. I also urge you to read Amanda's review of Tracfone on last week's Two ?'s. It's a good article.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you have a cell phone and land line phone?

2. Which do you use as your primary phone?

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Icy BC said…
I don't have a home phone for years now, and cell phone is my only way to communicate. We've just upgrade our phones too, and I'm still trying to figure it out. It's smarter than me at this point.
Icy, I think that is why they are called smartphones. They are smarter that the people that use them :D
SquirrelQueen said…
We're sort of still using a landline, it's through our cable company as part of a bundle. Right now we are under contract for another year, when the contract expires we're going to cell phone only. The cell I have is not a smart phone but I can check my email and do some things on the internet. I will probably go to a smart phone soon.

It's about half and half, we still get a lot of calls on our home phone.
Squirrel, I think many people only use their cell now. It's much easier. I don't have a landline but I am paying for the service.
Ann said…
yes I have both.
The ringer and answering machine on the landline are both turned off. The phone is only there for the internet service.
We only use the cell phones but our usage is so low it's not even funny
Ann, I really don't use my old one very much either but will see what happens with the new one. It has an mp3 player so I'm sure I'll be using it for that quite often.
Kilauea Poetry said…
We got rid of one land line and internet but kept one for my husband's business..we both use that as part of a package including internet. When my boys lived in Az before, at least the connection wasn't bad with one cell and another L line. It's not easy to talk long on the cell so I wait in order not to jam his business line up. I'm using a Blackberry with internet too (kind of nice) mobile is different though.
Wishing you a nice day-
ruthi said…
I have both but I use my cellphone more often. not because i want to but i have to. but then since i am not really a phone person, sometimes i forget it at home and that freaks out my hubby because he got that for me.
betchai said…
i only have cell phone, no landline since we are not home often and will save us on expenses. we use cable for internet connection.

i guess having no landline but only cellphone, answers my question for number 2 :)
♥~Judy~♥ said…
I dropped my land line over a year ago as it kept getting more expensive but offered less!!! I miss my cell phone in less than five minutes if I leave it home by accident. :-)
Luna Miranda said…
yes, i do have a cell phone and land line phone. the land line phone goes with my broadband. land line to land line calls are also cheaper here.

primary phone is my cell phone.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, thanks for the mention. Tracfone will have competitors working hard to keep their customers- I hope.
I have Sprint Mobile EVO for our WiFi internet option wherever we go. Not to mention, Comcast isn't reliable and I have had to work off my phone for the internet a lot. The unlimited WiFi has saved us tons of time, made use of dead time and made our lives so much more efficient on the go. I also have OOma, a one time paid phone through the internet - no bills after that. It's fabulous... Also I need it for faxing - for the reason that not everyone is on the scan and email process yet.
My cell phone is my primary phone, however, I have to call many people and don't want them to call me back on my I use the OOma.
We have both a land line and mobile. I personally use the mobile most often and frankly can't really remember the number attached to our land line as I hardly use it.. infact we only got a land line as it was needed for the broadband or else we would just do with mobiles.

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