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Since I have been without a television for months, I get my news by way of the internet. My home page is Yahoo. When I open my browser the news is staring me in the face which I enjoy because I like to know what's going on in the world.

I think for the past week or so when I've opened my browser I've been inundated with celebrity news. One day the headlines showed two actresses wearing the same dress at a Hollywood premier, another day showed Lindsay Lohan doing something or other and yet another day showed Britney Spears with a new career. Today, I found out that Jennifer Anniston is moving in with her beau. My reaction to all of this - who gives a crap! Sorry for the language but I really am baffled as to why Yahoo would think that all this celebrity "news" is really newsworthy.

In the grand scheme of things with all the important issues going on around the world do we really care about what Jennifer Anniston does? Nothing against her but her life is really not that important to me. Give me real news, something that concerns all of us.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you get your news online or on TV?

2. What is newsworthy to you?

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Anonymous said…
It might be close to seven years that I watched TV any longer than five minutes. I either read newspapers or listen to the radio.
Worth to become news - well, nowadays that's a difficult question. Just saw the interview with a burned woman. Important, probably worth as well.
However, made me feel better to know that I will continue not to watch TV.
Icy BC said…
1) I'm totally with you on the celebrities news. Who cares what they do or not do? I also dislike all of these reality shows on TV nowadays tremendously even though I don't watch them, just hear about them was enough for me!

2)Newsworthy, like you, is something to re-unite people and things that effect us, our future, our next generations..
Ann said…
I don't watch the news on tv or read it on the internet. Any news I hear about comes from my husband or the occasional thing I might read on a blog.
Heavensent1 said…
1. I get my news in both dude is addicted to news on the telly and I look for my own leads online...I never ever believe what they tell me without doing my own research first...LOL

2. I cannot stand the frivolous news and views I heard of some stupid people over in Europe having a food fight...and people starving everywhere...shook my head over that one...seems they've been doing it since the 1940's! Its a yearly food wastage event...IMHO!!
Brenda H said…
1- I get my news online. We have a TV, but I can filter things better online

2- The things that are newsworthy to me are people helping others, building a community, and heroes. I know there are so many sad things (I don't mind amber alerts.)
betchai said…
1. I get news on both medium, tv and online. yahoo though mostly have the celebrity news upfront, and i agree with you, it shouldn't be. it drives a lot of people to follow them and these poor people end up buying this or buying that to look like celeb, and worse, they behave like celeb too, it's sad. but they go for what is popular, and that is one thing i do not like with the news sometimes.
2. newsworthy to me are better role modeling in so many aspects of life.
SquirrelQueen said…
I also have Yahoo as my home page so I get pretty much the same things you do. I usually read the headlines and ignore the celebrity "news".

I want to know what's going on in the world and read about real people (as opposed to the celebrities).
Self Sagacity said…
Yeah! Say it like it is Jo! I am sorry, but I'm with you about Yahoo news flash. SO knows much more celeb gossip than I and that is because his homepage is Yahoo (it makes me sick) and mine is haha I think that isn't productive time spent, but of course he is happy there is only one me in this world.
1) I seldom get to watch tv. I listen to the radio NEWS while driving - the only time I can't do anything else but listen, look and drive.
2) You said it.
Luna Miranda said…
i get the news on all medium-TV, on line, print, from my mom, cousin and BFF. the entertainment news usually come from my mom and cousin (female)--she's up to date.:p

newsworthy to me are efforts being done to alleviate human suffering, alerts on coming weather disturbances, heroic deeds by ordinary people.
Daisy said…
From Daisy's "mom":
Even though it sometimes makes me want to scream, I follow politics pretty closely. I have about a 30-minute commute, so I always use the time to listen to news radio on Sirius.
JamericanSpice said…
I sometimes listen to local news on tv and get regular news online so that I don't get bombarded with too much depressing news. And the announcers have a way of trying to mkae you panic with their voices.

News worthy to me these days are people doing good in their community. Too much bad news or irrelevant news dominate the airwaves today.

♥~Judy~♥ said…
We get much more news about celebs then I care to know and I watch very little television as hubby controls the remote and he is a steady channel surfer. It is difficult to find a reliable source of the news because so many are biased or just right out liars. I compare the stories and try to figure out where the truth lies.

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