Macro Flowers Saturday - In The Pink

Photos taken at the SF Botanical Gardens.

Click Photos To Enlarge.

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Aren't the colours of the poppy wonderful!
Kalyan said…
Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!
Icy BC said…
Oh my gosh, these are absolutely beautiful shots of the flowers, Jo! They are stunning!
Cheryl said…
Can't take my eyes off that second one. Awesome color and detail. What is it?
Maia said…
They are gorgeous, those beauties in the second shot look like butterflies,
You always have so special flowers, thanks for sharing.
betchai said…
beautiful and soft, brings delight. another great macro shots in your collection Jo.
Ann said…
They are all just gorgeous. The second one is my favorite.
Ann said…
I love the first one, is it a tulip?

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