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Winter In The Country by George Henry Durrie

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My very dear friends, Gary and Trish gave me tickets to the Picasso exhibit at the DeYoung Museum this past weekend. I went with Carmen and we enjoyed the day at the museum then lunch at Park Chalet with some great music.

I have to say I really like art whether it be classic, contemporary or otherwise. I always appreciate work by every artist out there. It takes so much talent, passion and patience to create a piece of art. There are some I enjoy more than others and the painting I've photographed above is one of my many favorites at the DeYoung. I like landscapes and nature scenes. I've always favored Winter scenes in any setting. I am certainly not a connoisseur when it comes to art but I know what I like.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you enjoy visiting art museums?

2. What types of art do you most enjoy?

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Icy BC said…
1) I like to visit art museums, but haven't late.

2) Any kind of museum is a great place to enjoy, including the boat museum at Belle Isle. I think they are all interesting and special upon close examination.
Josep said…
I so like visiting museums, although I only go there in summer, when in vacations. I especially like early twentieth century paintings, forms about to be disintegrated, but not yet abstract; I like that moment in art.
But there are many more types of art I could like, for endless reasons! There are no wrong reasons why we like a work of art. Even if I like a portrait only because it reminds me of a relative, that's a good reason to like it. Art is about suggesting.
My question is: are you allowed to take photos in museums in the States? I'm tired of hiding from guards at Spanish museums!
betchai said…
1. yes, I do enjoy going to art museums, especially on Tuesdays here which is free :)
2. Like you, am not an art connoisseur. I enjoy any type of art and have admiration to the artist since it's not easy to create it. I like landscapes and nature scenes too.

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