Camera Critters - Hover Fly

A hover fly who is able to disguise himself as a bee in order to ward off predators.

Camera Critters

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Mike Golch said…
now that is interesting.
Thanks Mike, I thought he was a bee until a bee expert friend of mine told me what he really was :)
eileeninmd said…
Very interesting, great capture.
Eileen, he's wannabe bee :) Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Ann said…
I had no idea there was such a creature. How interesting. He certainly has a good disguise.
-☼-Icy BC said…
Fantastic capture, Jo! We have no bees, and no flowers in the yard yet!
One said…
That's a great shot of the hoverfly! It does resemble a bee. My bee has pollens on its legs. Will post on that someday.
Gary said…
Great shot!! Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.
Great shot! Well done!!
Visiting via Camera Critters.

Happy weekend!
chubskulit said…
Now, that is what I call beauty!

Please come and see my critter post. Have a great weekend!
Ms. Burrito said…
Lovely critter!

Would you come and see my critters? Thank you!
Betchai said…
oh wow, looks like a bee indeed! beautiful shot Jo.
Self Sagacity said…
Well a bee never stay still for me to get that close. Great job in capturing him/ her so close!
Stephani said…
I never heard of a hover fly! Nice capture.

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