Skywatch Friday - Hummingbird On A Limb

I was strolling through the gardens with my head up in the skies looking for birds, planes and super heroes :) I was astounded and happily surprised to find this hummingbird perched on the top of a tree limb. I wanted to get a closer shot but did not want to scare the bird away. I always love catching birds with my camera lens.

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earthtoholly said… cute! He must think he's a dragonfly. Happy SWF!
jeannette said…
Boy, this bird literally goes out on a limb:) Great catch for Skywatch!
Photo Cache said…
he just have to be at the very tip. happy skywatching.
From The Heart said…
Nice picture..and unusual! Thanks for posting.
LV said…
You were lucky to get this little fellow. They are usally very skittish. Great shot.
baincardin, thank you so much.

Holly, I think so LOL

Jeanette, he certainly did :D Thanks

Photo, is always amazes me how they do that :)

From the heart, I thought it was very unusual and lucky I got him

LV Thanks, I know but I was far enough away that I could not scare him. I used my zoom lens on him :)
Cloudia said…
great capture!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Cloudia, Aloha my friend and thank you.
rainfield61 said…
What a thought!!! You are looking for super heroes!!!

Betchai said…
beautiful Jo, hummingbirds are always a joy to watch and to listen. sometimes, i wait outside our house just to take them pictures, but sometimes, it is when I do not wait for them that they come near me, and there was one instance we both were surprised to see each other, I was picking limes and it kissed the blossom of lime very close to me. then, we had eye to eye, I was not able to take a picture, but the experience and memory of the encounter stays in me forever, maybe more than the pictures I took of them.
Very interesting bird shot! Is she/he lonely?
Ann said…
oh the hummingbird is a much better capture than any super hero :)
Thank you all so much for your comments, very much appreciated.

Betchai, What a beautiful and touching story. You are truly nature's whisperer. I love that about you. xoxo
Self Sagacity said…
No kidding huh? The limb is so skinny, yet it holds the weight of that bird amazingly.
Mickie Brown said…
Hummingbirds are the most fascinating little birds to watch. Always fun to get a shot of them. Mickie :)

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