The Weekend In Black And White - 1 Hairy Plant

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rainfield61 said…
They are as hairy as us.
Glynis said…
That looks amazing. Scary but wow.
Ann said…
That is a hairy plant and it looks awesome in black and white. I do hope you'll post it again some time in color though. It's quite interesting and I'm curious as to what color the spots on the leaves really are
rainfield, hairier LOL

Glynis, it does look a little scary, even the original shot :D

Ann, I will post the original in the coming weeks. Even the original is alien looking :D
David said…
This is one cool photo. I like the movement and flow between light and dark elements. The fine hairs showed up perfectly.
David Houston B&W
Dragonstar said…
A fine macro. Fascinating shapes and curves, and so much detail.
RNSANE said…
Jo, this is really outstanding in black and white! I'll bet so many of your photos will be outstanding in this medium!
Genie said…
Such an interesting hairy plant/blossom. What is it? I am so curious. Is it a cactus. The lighting is interesting.

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