Watery Wednesday - Stream and Pond

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Aah...simply delightful pictures. The ripples in the stream are fluid. You captured the movement.
maiaT said…
Beautiful spring blossoms above the water, lovely composition of the spring atmosphere.
fjÀllripan said…
Nice pictures! Beatuiful with the cherryflowers :)
Beautiful silky ripples in the water! Gorgeous photos!
Water...., the necessity of LIFE
march on... said…
lovely flowers on a pond
Nikki . said…
Lovely photos...
jeannette said…
Such intimate pics -lovely captures!
Ann said…
lovely shots. I like that first one with all the blossoms on the tree
I don't know what those blossoms are that are overhanging the water, but they are gorgeous!


With water they say that the best
Is clearest when put to the test;
No sediment there
To cause wear and tear—
Pure water sure beats all the rest!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Stream in Grasslands
Self Sagacity said…
Nice water photos. Especially with the blooms hanging down.
Pond Supplies said…
I like this pictures very much. The comments are also very nice to it...

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