Cherry Flowers Collectors Plate Poetic Visions of Japan

Inspired by the Haiku Cherry Flowers by Kyoshi:

Cherry Flowers

the cherry flowers are now
in full bloom, and no petal
flutters from the bough


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1. What is your passion?

2. What inspires that passion?

For me, it is writing and photography. Being out in nature and music inspires both of my passions.

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Margaret Duarte said…
1. Writing.
2. The people around me, especially other writers. And anthing spiritual.
Margaret, yes spirituality plays a huge part in inspiration. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
SquirrelQueen said…
The cherry flowers plate is beautiful and I had to smile when I saw the kitten.

I have never figured out if my passion is for photography or nature.

My love of the our natural world definitely fuels the photography but the reverse is also true.

Hmm, I hope that makes some sort of sense.
Squirrel, I had the same reaction when I saw the little kitten. She is adorable. It absolutely makes sense to me that your passion for both is a natural fusion. I can so relate. Thanks for stopping by.
Lui said…
Such a pretty plate. This reminds me of a pending ceramic project that I wanted to paint.

My passion is my art and my place called Heaven. Home and roots inspire me.
Lui, I didn't know that you are an artist, that's wonderful. What a beautiful sentiment that your home and roots inspire you. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
Self Sagacity said…
Passion: I have a lot of passions, gardening, propagation, blogging, real estate, finance...yes, I want to be everything I can be.
What drives: money is a great motivator, tire of not having what I like drive me to work for it myself. Accountability, the stupidity of wanting to take care of something/ someone or owning a situation.
JamericanSpice said…
Right now my passion is my marriage and to get it growing.

2. The need to have a successful and healthy marriage/relationship to model for my children is what drives this passion right now.

DoanLegacy said…
1) I have no specific passion. They all come in a spur of the moment.

2) Things that I see, such as a pretty hat, I will inspire to make one..
Icy BC said…
Writing is probably one of my passion things to do. So many things can inspire me, but finding the time is hard..

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