Macro Monday In Green & White & Pink

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January said…
love the details..
Janis said…
awesome macros!
Ann said…
beautiful macro shots. my favorite is the green, I just love the texture in it
RNSANE said…
Great shots. Is that the gunnera?
January, thanks so much.

Hootin Annie, yeah I liked the way that turned out.

Thank you so much, Janis.

Ann, Thanks, I do too.

Carmen, No, it's not blooming now in the gardens.
Kala said…
Excellent details in all these photos. Happy Macro Monday!
~✿~Icy BC said…
Terrific shots, Jo! Very detailed!
sweetmemoirs said…
awesome macro shots!
♥~Judy~♥ said…
Your macros are beautiful and they do "speak".

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