Macro Monday - Water Droplet Reflection

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Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Looks like two fairy embryos waiting to be born
Ann said…
what an awesome macro shot that is. Excellent
Shark, wow, I love the way you think. Yep, they actually do. Thanks.

Ann, Thanks so much it was fun taking that shot.
Anonymous said…
That's pretty spectacular! It really does look like embryos!
Teresa said…
That is an incredible shot!
twin embryo in a plastic bag...:)
sweetmemoirs said…
happy MM! great macro shot of the droplet reflection! :)
Betchai said…
beautiful reflection Jo.
~✿~Icy BC said…
That is an awesome capture, Jo!
January said…
awesome! love it..

Here’s My Macro Monday: White Spiked Insect
Thanks everyone, I should have titled it the embryonic macro :)

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