Thursday Two Questions Meme - Plagiarism

Those of you who were around during the days know that my work on the apoetsview blog was scraped and plagiarized. I was successful in having the site that stole my work taken down, though it took many months of hard work and frustration.

I also had poetry stolen and entered in a contest on I also spent quite a while dealing with that and had it taken down.

Well, it's the internet so yet again I found that an article I wrote on my new blog, Collectibles Mercantile was scraped, stolen and appears on some site called The worst part is that they actually have the html code for that page and a box where people can copy and paste the article along with all of my photos and use it as their own work.

Of course I was furious but quickly remembered the frustration and stress it caused me the last couple of times this happened. I am not going to do anything about it. All I have to say is I feel sorry for people who do not have the intelligence to write their own articles. I think I should feel flattered that they thought enough of mine to steal the contents and photos. In closing all I can say is KARMA - what goes around comes around.

My two questions this week are:

1. Have you ever had your work stolen whether it be writing or otherwise?

2. If you have, what did you do about it?

Also, I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway next Thursday on this meme. Thanks for following.

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Margaret Duarte said…
1. There must be a way to find out if people are stealing my work, but so far I haven't put anything on the Internet that I worry that much about as far as copying goes.
2. At this point, I really don't care. The stuff I put out is done as a service, so to speak, and when I send it out, I let it go.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Margaret, there are a couple of ways that I know of which led me to find this latest. I like the way you think and I also believe that is the healthy way of looking at this problem. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Self Sagacity said…
Oh my Gosh! To think that someone stole so much of your work is just so upsetting! Sorry to hear that Joanne, I know it happens a lot and it happened to me too. I wanted to screamed it out on my blog, but then I thought, no, since that would only advertise their site even more.
I couldn't do anything about that one, because he did not have the same platform as Blogger - at least that was what I was told, but I would love to know how you did it. I still think that our materials are constantly being ripped off, and it would be very helpful for all of us to know how to handle such a thing.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Amanda, it is infuriating isn't it? And, yes putting it on your blog just advertises it even more which is a mistake I made originally when it happened on my blog. I put all the info out there.

The first thing I did was try and contact the people who stole it which I could not because there was no information. So I went to
and found out who was behind the domain name of the site that stole my work. I found out it was some people in russia without any contact info. However that site gives you domain name information. So I contacted the domain provided which was and basically explained the whole story, gave them the link to my blog and threatened to sue them if they didn't do anything. After about three months, they took the site down. These people in Russia had stolen work from hundreds of people and were putting it on their site.

IT is very frustrating but being online, this will happen to many people. I just didn't want to go through all that hassle again.
Jeannette StG said…
So sorry to hear this - especially upsetting with poems! I don't know how to check if it works, but I put a watermark through the painted image. That is probably harder when the image consists of words.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Jeannette, watermarks certainly help but these thieves have ways of altering images to make them their own. For written words you can go to copyscape and type in your site or blog url and it will come up with sites that have copied your work if there are any.
betchai said…
oh I am so sorry about that Jo, I do not know if anyone stole any of my content, but then, I know several others whose content had been scraped :(
Joanne Olivieri said…
Betchai, it seems to be happening alot these days. I've got to ignore it though, it's way too stressful to fight. Thanks for stopping by :)
SquirrelQueen said…
Joanne, I am sorry to hear you having this kind of problem. I have a couple of other blogger friends that went through similar thefts last year. They also spend a lot of time getting the offending blogs taken down.

I periodically check with Copy Scape but so far no problems. I do know that many of my photos come up in searches all the time and I'm pretty sure they are being used by others. With photos I don't mind as much as I would if they were taking my writing. I would prefer that they asked but that probably won't happen.
John said…
My work is always being used without my permission. Quite a few of my photos have appeared elsewhere, especially the funny photos. :-( Also I post quite a few technical articles and they often get reposted without my permission :-(

I've occasionally been successful asking the person stealing the article to remove it. Other times I've had to go to Blogger or the plagiarist's webhost.

At the moment I have one guy who copied 90% of my article and is claiming it's his own work, despite entire paragraphs being identical. He posted a screenshot to go with the article and my blog is open in one of the background tabs!

I wonder what happened to At one point they changed their name to I never did receive my payout :-(
Bossy Betty said…
SO sorry to hear of this! Yikes! That is frustrating. I believe in Karma too.
Icy BC said…
Yes, Jo, I had my articles copied and pasted on blogs. It's very upsetting to know, but since it happened so often, I don't care anymore in doing anything about it either.

I had contacted the blog owners and asked them nicely to remove my articles, or at least put my byline on them. I was lucky because these sites used blogger platform, and blogger/google is serious about this problem.

I'm so sorry Jo for this to happen again to you..Rats..they are rats!
Gale said…
A while ago I posted something on a forum, and someone asked me if they could use it on their blog if they credited me. I gladly said yes, as it was an article on something I wanted people to learn about. Later I found it almost verbatim on another blog. Though I didn't mind them posting it I wish they had credited me as the other blog did. I never did anything about that.

Sadder than that was what happened to a friend of mine in Junior High. She had written a story and then lost was something she did just for herself, not for any project. Then later she found out someone turned it in for a class project (I forget how she found out, but she never did anything about it).
Gale said…
PS: So sorry you had to go through all that!
Ann said…
It's sad that people have to do things like this.
I haven't had anything stolen that I know of.
Lui said…
I had literary works stolen and copied, photographs of my dogs and some of my photos appearing in other sites without permission.

I am too busy and does not have the technology to run after thieves. But I have techie friends who attack sites who stole my works with threats of lawsuits.

I just bless all my works and when it is used maliciously they simply get diarrhea ;-) forever.
DoanLegacy said…
I'm sorry to hear this, and I agree with you about karma..10 folds I heard!

It sounds frustrating and lots of work to try to have your work removed from the thief. So bless you for taking it!
Daisy said…
Wow, stealing a poem from you is really, really Wrong! Sometimes I see one of my photos on the internet, and most times there is a link back to me. There is (or was) someone who made a Facebook Page posing as me and one posing as Harley! I sent her a message and just asked that she note it was a "fan" page and that she was not me. Guess what she did? Just blocked me!
Joanne Olivieri said…
Squirrel, unfortunately these things are on the rise and it is hard to get it stopped. If people ask that's one thing but to just steal is horrible.

John, it's unbelievable what is happening. As for last I heard they are still up and running, with all of our blogs - talk about plagiarism- although I don't remember their name. They are basically making money on all of our works. Very sad. Sorry you never got your payout either, that's terrible.

Betty, so do I - Karma is very powerful :)

Icy, yes they are rats and I remember that happening. I just decided to let it go because it's too frustrating to do anything about it.

Gale, I don't mind at all if someone asks to use something I will probably always say yes but to just take it is not acceptable. That's terrible what happened to you and your friend.

Ann, I hope you never have anything stolen. If you do you always have Duke to go get em :D

Lui, I'm sorry that happened to you but you made me laugh with that last comment :)

Doan, thanks so much for your kind thoughts and comment :)

My sweet Daisy, How could anyone block you. That's terrible that someone could just go do that to you and Harley. People are crazy sometimes.
Anonymous said…
How interesting to read !

As I once owned a site about poetry / photography and had to close it due to various problems with readers, thought that I had deleted all, yet had to find out, that it now is 'owned' by someone else with much of its content - leaving me somehow unable to do much.

Thank you for this reminder to be as careful as possible.
Please have a good Friday.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Robert, I know how horrible that feeling is when someone takes your content and site. And, yes, you can never be too careful. Thanks for stopping by.
Daisy, if you complain to Facebook, they will remove your photos and deal with the person impersonating you.
Colette S said…
I"m sorry you had to go through that and still is.

I'm not sure if my work was ever stolen because this is the internet.
And other than reporting it and getting others to get the word out, I have no idea what else I'd do.

Aloha! :)
Stacy Uncorked said…
I'm so sorry you had to deal with people stealing your work!

As far as I know I haven't had anything stolen - but I haven't quite delved into how to discover it if it has! :)

Aloha: Pet Food
Joanne Olivieri said…
Jamerican, I think it's better if you don't know to spare you all that stress.

Stacy, it's easy to find out by going to copyscape but then again, save yourself the frustration of finding out it's been stolen. I don't think I'll ever check again :)
Self Sagacity said…
Thanks for the steps in what to do Jo. I never thought about going to I am glad they were able to take down the site, what a wonderful ending. I agree it is very time consuming to go after these guys and really not worth your frustrations.
Emm said…
My work is stolen all the time. I usually pick it up through Google Webmaster Tools or by a code I use at the bottom of my feeds. I always start off by reporting it to Google on a DMCA complaint. This usually works, especially if it is a Blogger blog or if they use Adsense. Then I get hold of the host. I have never not been successful in getting a site pulled down.

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