Thursday Two Questions Meme

Taken in the financial district in downtown San Francisco.

I was raised catholic and grew up attending catholic grammar school.  As a result, we went to church each Sunday and as a young child I was religious in that I believed in God and everything we were taught as catholic students.

As I grew older, I began reading the bible at one point in time and realized that not only did I no longer believe in catholicism but I no longer wanted to be a part of that religion.  There were many factors that drove me to that decision and for years now,  I've not practiced any religion.  I, however, do tend to gravitate towards Buddhist teachings.

I know this is a controversial subject and that's why I chose it for two questions meme.

1.  Do you believe in God?

2.  Do you and your family practice a certain religion?

I took the photo in the financial district in SF.  Don't know the name of the church and don't think it is catholic but I liked the look of the church.

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Self Sagacity said…
1) I am sorry what? lol. It's fine. It is just a question and definitely ok for us to be different from each other. I hope. I believe in god. I believe that there is a higher power. I though have questioned certain characters in the bible and who I am supposed to worship.
2) Catholic. I just started going back to church a few months now. I wanted to expose Trinity to Catholicism and I find peace from the hour I am there.
I think the building is beautiful, I didn't know the paint looked that new. In your photo, it looks pristine.
Bing said…
hi, I was raised a Catholic from parents who are a Catholic and an Aglipayan. eventually, like you, i discovered the Bible and i am still in the process of digesting everything that is in it.

1. I believe in God. I'd like to believe in the existence of a God that created all things that we enjoy here on earth. I cannot make myself believe in the teachings that there isn't. It makes me feel secured to know that there is indeed a God who created me.

2. For now, we do not practice the religion of my husband which is also an Aglipayan. It is synonymous to being Catholic with only little differences.
Colette S said…
I love how you took that photo.

1. Yes I do believe in God.
2. We attend church often, but mainly on Sundays for worship. I am interested in always learning more about God's word and how to make my life peaceful and helpful to society.

So non denominational, but we do attend a christian church.

Happy Thursday.

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