Thursday Two Questions Meme - The San Francisco Giants

Photos courtesy of ABC News and the San Francisco Giants

First, congratulations to our San Francisco Giants for making it to the World Series.  First game tonight, Wednesday October 24th in San Francisco at AT&T Park.

The city is hyped with excitement over our Giants being in the world series.  Everyone is decked out in orange and black, the team colors, including many of our landmark buildings like the Ferry Building and Coit Tower.  We love our baseball here and have loyal fans around the entire bay area.

My two questions this week are:

1.  What is your favorite sport to watch?

2..  Do you prefer watching a game on the big screen either at home or in a bar or would you rather be at the stadium?

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I am not a sports fan. I love the Olympics with their gymnasts and so forth but I have a husband who constantly has sports on and am kind of saturated with it all.
Dominique Goh said…
Not a sports fan too. The picture of the stadium looks fantastic!!
The sport that I like to watch on TV is swimming.
Jim said…
My favorite sport to watch is college football, especially for one of the teams that are on my 'favorites' list (Nebraska, LSU, University of Houston, Baylor).

For those teams I would rather be at the stadium but TV is fine.

Congratulations on the Giants getting to the World Series. Our Houston Astros were the worst team in both leagues this year (or next to worst after Chicago?).
Icy BC said…
My favorite sport to watch is soccer and like to watch at home where I can go crazy :-)
Bing said…
there was a time i was so addicted with watching basketball games. the penchant faded off.

watching a sports game bout live will always be more interesting but also more expensive.
Self Sagacity said…
My favorite sports to "watch" is diving. That means the only time I watch is Olympics.
I think I rather be at the game, but, I also dislike wasting time in crowds and traffic jams. So we watched most of the games on our TV.
1) My favorite sport to watch has to be football. I can see why people find satisfaction on just sitting still to watch this game.
2) I like to watch it on a big screen at home...much more relaxing.

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