Sundays In My City - The Redwood Grove

Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Redwood Grove

Unknown Mami
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betchai said…
Beautiful shots of thecredeoods, Jo, super love the lighting and your composition.
Molly said…
Excellent images... we don't have redwoods in the UK

RNSANE said…
Beautiful, Jo - definitely NOT a tree I'd see here in Rajasthan, a desert state here in India. I'll be home in less than a month.
Unknown Mami said…
Fantastic phots. Hope you are well.
Unknown Mami said…
Fantastic photos. Hope you are well.
wow, awesome photos. love the texture on the last image. really cool.
Friend of HK said…
Beautiful pictures!
Keetha Broyles said…
I have never yet seen a redwood in real life, but they are gorgeous trees in the photos I've seen!

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