Outdoor Wednesday #199

Temperate Asia Garden
Photos taken after a rain at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

The Redwood Grove

The Zellerbach Garden

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Lovely shots of a beautiful garden ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^
marty said…
So lovely and green! I especially love the hydrangeas :-)
Andrea said…
I spent a little time thinking about "the temperate Asia Garden", as my first thought is how can Asia be temperate when we are so hot here! Then i realized, oh yes many parts of Asia are actually temperate. We are Southeast Asia, the tropical side. Korea, Japan, north China are temperate. So yes, i am not so quick! They are beautiful shots.
I love wandering through gardens. Thanks for the stroll through this one.
Icy BC said…
So good to see flowers still blooming in your area, Jo! Beautiful..
Enjoyed your cyber tour of the San Francisco botanic garden. Let's do it again sometime.
Joyce M
betchai said…
so refreshing and so inspiring Jo
jakill said…
Brilliant colour, Jo.
Self Sagacity said…
the greens in your photos are very refreshing. I love the different shades of greens and the crispness of your photos.

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