Thursday Two Questions Meme - Is There A Hell?

Over two weeks dealing with not only AT&T but every other service provider out there and I finally have what seems to be, so far, a constant connection.  Of course I am writing this on Monday the 18th and scheduling it for Thursday so who knows if it will still be up and running then.  

The AT&T tech came out and replaced everything on the outside phone line.  It seems that my actual phone line was dead with no dial tone.  Now, don't you think that should have been checked first? In any case, so far so good.

My questions today deal with hell.  I don't know if there really is a hell but if there is what I do know for sure is that AT&T has a branch there.  If you are going to hell when you die, you will spend an eternity sitting in front of a computer with flashing red lights on your modem and talking to AT&T online tech support throughout eternity :D Of course I'm kidding but who really knows.

My two ?'s are do you believe there is a hell?

If you do, exactly how will you suffer throughout eternity?

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Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, I cracked up at the AT & T hell part! I believe you that they have a branch there.

1) I have been question about hell and heaven all along, and according to the teaching of my religion, there is certainly hell.

2) The suffering would be repeated over and over for a long time, and it had to do with fire! Isn't why people said "you'll burn in hell?"
Icy, LOL! I know they do...

According to my religion there is a heaven and hell. However I no longer practice that religion. I feel that we experience both right here on earth. Yeah, that expression burn in hell comes from that belief. Thanks for commenting, Icy.
Anonymous said…
thanks for your blog...I am following back....and i will be sure to never spam....hope you visit me again soon...
SquirrelQueen said…
Having had dealing with the great AT&T I got a real kick out of your post. I would definitely expect to find a branch in the depths of hell.

Perhaps hell is sitting next to a ringing phone, every time you answer it is another telemarketer. Or maybe the call is automated and we would constantly be pressing buttons trying to talk to a human. Trapped in the eternal loop of auto bots.
Home School Dad said…
1) Hell is a real place of eternal torment.
2) I will not be in Hell and will not suffer. Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of the wrold including mine. Through salvation and grace I have accepted (not earned) a place in heaven with Him.

It is quaint to think that Hell will be a series of irritations. I have received 14 calls in the past 2 days on my cell phone from the same telemarketing company and have been unsuccesful in stopping the calls. It would be nice if Hell was just like that benign. I doubt iy will be so and encourage all to seek the Lord while he can be found.
JamericanSpice said…
1. Yes I believe there is a hell.
2. I will not be in hell. I choose Jesus Christ.

Now as for At&T. Yea. very awful service! Dislike them and wish we weren't giving them our money either!
Self Sagacity said…
I am supposed to believe there is a hell, and I do believe because I don't know how to fight something that has been rooted in my since I was conceived.
I don't know. I thought a lot about it too. I guess I will have to endure with lots of complaining and bitching.

I am so sorry about your ATT hell. It really sucks, especially when you have spent so much time and it isn't resolved. I wish there is a better internet option for us.
Self Sagacity said…
BTW- I have to say your post today cracked me up, not just because I have been to the ATT hell, but I can see how the word hell fit the situation so well...hang in there.

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