Macro Monday Bulbs

Oriental Trumpet Lily Bulb

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Sorry, I do not know the name of this flower.

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Karen said…
A really interesting pod. So much terrific detail when enlarged. I think the top pic has a squished ant on it.
Linda Makiej said…
Terrific macro shots!
Icy BC said…
These are great macro photos, Jo! They are both interesting trying to figure out what they are..The second one is fascinating to see.
Anonymous said…
GREAT macros! Love the detail/texture in the second pic.

I used to grow the flower that you don't know the name of and for the life of me I can't bring it to the front of my brain. LOL!
Karen, I saw that too and think you're right :D

Thanks, Linda.

Icy, Yeah, the second one is actually a beautiful flower yet I don't remember the name. The next time I go to the gardens I'll photograph the flower and jot down it's name. thanks.

pcpphoto, I know, I'll make sure and get the name next visit. Thanks.
lisaschaos said…
That's insanely cool!

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