Macro Flowers Saturday - Stamens

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RNSANE said…
Gorgeous stamens and your headers are wonderful!
Karin M. said…
....tolle Aufnahmen...
LG: Karin
Maia said…
These are some healthy stamens.
Gorgeous lilies. Beautiful color in the second one, I've never seen this color.
Very beautiful macro! If you like join us on Weekendflowers with this lovely photos! :) LG Tina
Carmen, Thanks :)

Karin, Thanks, not sure what it means but it sounds nice.

Maia, same here, I was so surprised by the colors on that one, they are so different. Thank you.

Leckeres, Thank you and I'll take a look :)
Linda Makiej said…
Marvelous macro flower shots!! :)
Joyful said…
It's so neat to see the pollen close up. Great shots.
Angelgirlpj said…
I love the shots. Lily's are such a nice flower.
Judy said…
Wow!! I love the second shot! Maybe it is the colour of the lily, because they are both wonderfully detailed!!
Stan said…
Awesome!! These lilies must have been on viagra--
Joyful, Thank you so much.

Angel, Thanks, they are my favorite flowers. Have a great weekend.

Judy, Yeah the color on the second one surprised me as well. thanks.

Stan, HaHa! LOL! That must be why I was so drawn to them :D
Ann said…
lovely photos.
Thanks so much, Ann. I hope you have a great weekend. Hugs to Duke for me.
Icy BC said…
These are fantastic macro shots, Jo! I'm glad to see you back online. Hope everything works smoothly!
Thank you, Icy. It is so good to be back online and yeah, I do hope it lasts for a while. Have an awesome weekend.
betchai said…
JO, your macro shots are stunningly beautiful.
Ann said…
make sure you pluck off the pollen before you take them home.
MaiaT said…
I love lilies and their dangerous scent too. These are exquisite ones, amazing color on the second lily.
Very beautiful macros.
SquirrelQueen said…
I enlarged your photos and the stamens are loaded with pollen. Beautiful macros.
Very professional shots. I love them. I clicked on them and it amazed me, how detailed they were.
Thanks for visiting my site.
Betchai, thank you so much :)

Ann, Absolutely! Thank you.

Maia, same here, their scent is intoxicating. Thank you.

Squirrel, thank you.

Anne,thank you and I very much enjoyed visiting you.
Míriam Luiza said…
Que fotos perfeitas! Também gostei da foto do cabeçalho!

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