Artichoke Plant and Internet Update

Photo taken at the SF Botanical Gardens.

Click Photo To Enlarge

I am still without a reliable internet connection.  The problem has not yet been resolved.   I get about an hour a day of connection time.  As a result, I have to use that time on the store so I will not be posting or commenting that much nor will I be on Facebook or Twitter etc...  When I am able, I'll post and visit everyone.
Thanks, Jo


Icy BC said…
Do what is important first, Jo, and hopefully they will fix the problem once and for all.

Beautiful artichoke photo!
Ann said…
Love the picture of the artichoke plant.
Too bad about the internet issues. Hope they get resolved soon.
RNSANE said…
How horrible, Jo. I cannot imagine being cut off from the internet! Good luck, girl. You can always come over here where we have wi-fi in the house if you need a day's fix! Meaux leaves Wednesday so I'll really be lonesome.
Fotokarusellen said…
Great shot. Very beautiful. Well done.
Icy, tech came out again this morning and replaced everything in the box outside and since then it seems to be working okay, keeping my fingers crossed. Evidently it was a dead phone line.

Thanks Ann, I think it may be finally resolved, one can only hope :)

Carmen, Thank you but it seems to be okay now. Not having my fix didn't bother me, it was not being able to work the store for two weeks. I took care of everything today, though.

Foto, Thank you so much.
Stan said…
Great shot!! Made me wish for some melted butter --- Hope your Net problem is soon resolved.

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