Decorative Country Style Rooster Candy Dish

We have a bright, bold and cheery 7" by 6" by 1" tall round candy dish or bowl that is made of heavy ceramic and looks to be hand painted though I cannot testify to that fact. It sports a red and yellow coloring with a brightly styled rooster and a yellow sunflower. This is really a cute little bowl with a country motif and can be used as a candy dish or just decoration. The back of the plate simply reads Roosters Made in China with a sticker that reads QC F-26. It is overall in good condition with very minor scuff wear on the bottom of the bowl. It is free of chips and cracks. The lighting you see on the plate is due to glare from the window.

For more information and ordering instructions, visit our listing at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


It's so cute, and practical at the same time.
ruthi said…
this is so cute. my candies will surely be a big hit.

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