Skywatch Friday - Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong

Sky Over Downtown Los Angeles

Sky Over The Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco
Sky Over Lantau Peak In Hong Kong

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Photo Cache said…
this shows we skywatch wherever our feet take us.
betchai said…
beautiful shots Jo, and the trail in the last picture looks so inviting.
RNSANE said…
I can guess which sky you'd like to be seeing right now!
Laura, thank you.

Photo Cache, exactly, I've always got my head in the clouds :D

fjally, thank you.

Betchai, Of all the people I know you most would love it there. It's just gorgeous and spectacular for hiking.

Carmen, hmmm let's see SF? :D
Each one says so much about each place. Very beautiful photos!
Sage, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.
rainfield61 said…
That is me at the other side of the mountain.
Ratty said…
Very beautiful scenery. I like the angles you used for these.
eileeninmd said…
Wonderful series of scene and skies. All beautiful and different. Well done! Happy skywatching!
Laloofah said…
Very beautiful photos! The Palace of Fine Arts building is so handsome and regal, and your photo shows it at its most magnificent! The Hong Kong picture is really evocative. I only ever picture Hong Kong being very urban and crowded, but that is a beautiful scene of tranquil solitude.
Rainfiled, Ah, I thought that was you :)

Ratty, thanks, I like unique so I'm always trying to get different angles.

Thanks Eileen and to you as well.

Laloofah, Hong Kong has some of the most beautiful island in the world. Lantau island, where that shot was taken is the most peaceful and serene place I've ever seen. I hope you are able to travel there someday.

Tanya, Absolutely! Thank you.
Laloofah said…
I never knew that! Thank you for teaching me something new today! Now I also hope I'll be able to travel there someday, peaceful and serene places are my favorite kinds (and in increasingly short supply). Thanks to you, my "Travel Bucket List" just grew a destination longer. :-)
Ann said…
the sky is gorgeous no matter where you're standing :)

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