Macro Monday Bee

Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.
 Click Photo To Enlarge.

I have been without an internet connection for more than a week. It seems to be working okay now but is not reliable so I will be blogging when I am able. Thanks, Jo.

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Kala said…
Wonderful light and details in this macro.
jo said…
A white Rosa rugosa
One I haven't managed to grow yet. I have the deep rosy one and the mixed red/white (rosamundi).
Pure white is lovely. You should have snatched a cutting while nobody was looking :-)
Janis said…
Great the bee!
betchai said…
what a beautiful macro Jo, the busy bee is surely enjoying its time tasting the sweetness of the flower.
Ann said…
oh no, a whole week without internet? I would have gone crazy by now :)
Nice macro of the bee. I haven't tried to get any of those yet this year
lisaschaos said…
He looks as happy as a clam, lol. Nice!
Icy BC said…
I love the heart of the flower, and the bee! Beautiful shot, Jo. Hope your internet is working smoothly now...
Thanks to all of you for your comments and taking the time to visit. I really appreciate it.

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