Very Early On Earth Day - Guest Post by Taylor Graham


My dog calls me out of sleep.
Overnight the wind has rearranged
everything. I blow into cold hands
and raise them against the sun’s
first rays, just nowV
exploding gold shrapnel
over the east ridge.

And everything is moving: sun-shatter
through new green leaves,
and wind plucking overnight spider-
webs till they hum gold filament
against the dark trunks of oaks,
everything flowing glowing
gold-green, a morning

no mortal could describe.
And so my dog stands
simply wagging.
Wasn’t he good
to bring me here?
Photos taken by me at Aquatic Park & The SF Botanical Gardens


rainfield61 said…
It was to bring me there too. I love the "wind plucking overnight spider-
webs till they hum gold filament
against the dark trunks of oaks".
I can use this in my future post. Thank you.
Kass said…
Magical poem. Dogs are magical too. Thanks for you Birthday greeting.
Ann said…
Beautiful photos, lovely poem and thank God for dogs :)
Sharkbytes said…
Great poem- nice verbal images.
Ratty said…
I like the fun natury poem. And that second picture has a good jungle look that I always like.
DK Miller said…
That is lovely. The photos and the poem both. Thank you for sharing.
Bangchik said…
Gold green, a morning.... a nice way to describe things. Then I remember magpie chirping happily early in the morning.... how would he describe morning.. ~bangchik
Anonymous said…
Such awesome photographs :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love the first picture! You really are an awesome photographer Jo!
Anonymous said…
An amazing poem... I was totally entranced. And the photos fit so well...
betchai said…
so peaceful and beautiful photos, so beautiful and moving poem.
You have just left me a hundred knots away from catching up with you with this poem. I should be doing my homework. Nice Job.
Thanks to all for your wonderful comments
Icy BC said…
Great poem and fantastic pictures! The first picture relaxes me, thank you!

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