Unconditional Love

Photo taken by me at the Botanical Gardens and digitally altered.

Unconditional love is a rare virtue. We would all like to think we love unconditionally yet as humans we will fault. I think there are two necessary components to loving and being loved in this manner.

First is shedding all expectations. We naturally expect certain things from our family and friends. We expect respect, love, generosity and much more. When we do not receive what we expect from people, which we not always will, we become angry, disappointed and sometimes vengeful. If we learned to shed all of our expectations and accept our friends and family members for who they are we would never have to experience the anger and disappointment which comes from our expectations.

Second we absolutely must learn not to judge. Everyone is equal. No one is better or worse than anyone else. We have to put ourselves in others' shoes. How do we feel when we are judged? Live and let be. Allow people to live their own lives and make their own mistakes. Whether you agree with someones decisions or not, do not judge them but rather be there and support them in whatever they choose.

It is difficult to absorb this mindset until you ask yourself two things. Do I want to be judged for who I am or what I do? And, Do I enjoy everyone expecting things from me? Only then can you experience unconditional love for yourself and others.

It however can be done and once you've experienced it your life will never be the same.


Vernz said…
Thanks for sharing great thoughts today... learning some lessons from it...

TV above my coffee
The Cosmos
Remains of the old Dabaw
I love this post because it is true.

Expectation is good but we cannot expect things to happen as the way we wanted all the time. If we do that, we will be frustrated. However, Consider it as blessings if we get what we expect right?

Judging others is really really wrong. We are no better than other people and we cannot run away from doing wrong things. Basically, who are we to judge.

Thanks for sharing.
Glenna Frazier said…
Thanks for sharing. This is just a wonderful post. And the photo is fantastic. Unconditional love is something we should all experience and practice. Unfortunately some are incapable.
Diane AZ said…
Lovely image and thoughts. :)
Ann said…
Wonderful post Joanne. Something that we all should set our minds to accomplishing in our lifetime. At times I think I'm close to getting it but human nature takes over and I find myself still falling short. Maybe I could learn a lot from Duke, he certainly seems to know how to love unconditionally.
Martha Z said…
Great post, these things are hard to do but the only way to find peace. I know from experience but it is hard not to backslide into bad habits and expectations.
Thanks for the reminder.
Mumsy said…
Beautifully written, and wise words of advise! To reach unconditional love I guess one must learn to love unconditionally!
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous photo art, Jo! Not judging, and shedding expectations are great advices.
Secondary Roads said…
Lovely image. Beautiful words.
Liz said…
Well said Jo. If you think about it, it's all too easy to do, yet so may of us fail. Like Ann, sometimes I too, think I'm close but still fall short. Something that I have to continuously work out. :)

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.

Have a great week ahead.
Truth Ferret said…
Great post and your thoughts are so relevant to our life, especially during this difficult time.

When life pulls such low punches my husband and I hang onto to each other as if we are sharing one airhose to sustain our lives under the seas of despair.

Thank you for putting my thoughts on paper (computer, whatever) because I needed this reminder of the strength I have been gifted.
betchai said…
excellent thoughts Jo, thanks for sharing. and your image is so awesome, I do not think I can make a shot like that all.
Vernz, you are welcome

Willie, exactly if you expect nothing, than receive what you want, all the better.

Thanks, Diane.

Glenna, unfortunately, what you have said is so true.

Diane, thanks so much for stopping by.

Ann, I know what you mean and I think we could all learn from Duke :D

Very true Martha, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Exactly, thanks Mumsy.

Thanks Icy, you know I love playing around with photos.

Thank you Chuck

Liz, you are right. I try but it doesn't always work out. I have to keep reminding myself. You have a great week as well.

Ferret, you are so welcome and in my thoughts.

betchai, It's really easy with my software to play around with those shots. Thank you :)
VanillaSeven said…
A very good thought followed by a beautiful photo Jo. Have a great day to you :)
Anonymous said…
A wonderful post Jo. And you're right... with patience and practice it can be done.
Vanilla, Thank you and to you as well.

Dawn, That's my one problem, patience. I've never had patience and although as I age I become more mellow, it is difficult. Thanks for visiting :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo,
This sentiment is very deep and it should enlighten everyone that reads this post as I have experienced.
thank you for sharing!
EastCoastLife said…
It's rare to find unconditional love these days, not even among parents and kids.
Duni said…
Gorgeous photo and extremely wise words. I totally agree. I am trying my best each day to live at a deeper and more fulfilled level w/o the usual ego-driven behaviour.
I'm getting there :D
Kass said…
I can only think that I've come close to this kind of love with my children and grandchildren. It's hard to extend it beyond that.
RNSANE said…
Easier said than done, I think, though it is a goal for which we should set our sights, even though it may take our whole life through!
Self Sagacity said…
I think those two requisites are most important. Love has to be that way, or else he/she wouldn't be the same person to love. :-)

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