Being Kind

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Being Kind

Have you ever noticed that when you are kind to someone the joy you feel is immeasurable? Just smiling and saying hello to someone on the street can not only put a smile on their face but allow you to share your heart with someone.

There are those who would be kind in order to get something from you and sometimes it is difficult to tell whether they are being genuine or have their own agenda. The sure fire way to tell is how do you feel when they are kind to you. If you feel a sense of joy and love within your heart then they are being genuine. If your intuition kicks in and you find yourself asking, why are they being so nice, then you’ve already answered your question.

Just think if we were all kind to each other what a different world this would be. There would not be wars, there would not be violence and there would not be anyone hurt or angered. As humans we sometimes choose not to be kind and that is the problem. Our choices are made with our egos rather than our hearts. Be kind and act from your heart.

Here are a few suggestions

1. Each day smile and say hello to a stranger. It may not seem like much but it will make both of you feel significant and full of joy.

2. When you answer your phone, smile. I know this seems weird but a friend of mine told me this and she does this each time she answers her phone. Why? Because the other person feels your smile.

3. Do a random act of kindness. It could be donating to a cause or it could be helping a friend with groceries or simply taking the time to let someone know you care. Do it everyday without fail and you’ll see the difference it makes.


Truth Ferret said…
I know exactly how you feel about saying hello to a stranger. Many times, my husband gets in the car with me after an encounter and laughs as he says, "I swear, you'll talk to anyone." He's right. People seem so isolated and then you smile and make eye contact and next thing you know they are pouring out their life's story or some special time to you. With all the modern ways of communicating (blogs, emails, etc.) nothing beats a smile and eye contact.
rainfield61 said…
You reminded me about a guy who kept saying hello to everyone during the hiking.

It sounded weird in one way, but broke the ice in the other way.
Bangchik said…
A smile is always penetrating. ~bangchik
betchai said…
a smile always lift one's spirit up, what i love in hiking is people usually exchange smiles to each other when they meet in the trail, and if they see some needing a push, they encourage each other, like, " you're almost there, you can make it!"
RNSANE said…
My boys always tease me that, if we're in a line somewhere, especially at an airport, I'll know everyone there, by the time I reach the front. I agree with you, Jo, the world would be so much nicer if people would just take a few minutes to be aware of those around them and try to make their days a little better.
Ann said…
You are so right. I remember one day going to the gas station and the little old man that worked there said "have a nice day sunshine" and it just turned my whole day around.
The smiling when you answer the phone also, I learned that at my last job. They always said that the person on the other end can hear your smile.
Ratty said…
This is a great lesson. I learn this same th9ing every time I meet someone on one of my more urban nature trails. Every one there forgets their city attitude at the parking lot, and they smile and greet each other when they cross paths.
Ana Goncalves said…
Dear Joanne,
I think kindness stems from love and appreciation we have for one another and each being we come in contact with on earth.
If we have love with good intention, we also have love for one another, than all else follows naturally.
Beautiful reminder-Your tips are good methods to connect to the whole.
DoanLegacy said…
Great advice! Answering the phone with a smile is something I must learn to do..
Vernz said…
True.... but sometimes quite hard to do ... hahaha! Have a Nice Day!

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Eva Gallant said…
I always smile at people and chat with them a little if I can.
fullet said…
I wish I was more kind in my everyday life, especially at work :P It is so true what you say, sometimes I squeeze my brain to feel better than I usually do and I forget to smile. I needed to read your suggestions, Joanne! :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful post, Jo, and very inspiring! Kindness can lighten the day.
C said…
We are kind because we are overflowing. It is the belief that we are an overflowing and everlasting stream and waterfall, that allows us to see in front of our eyes, that we have more than enough to give! :)
Thank you all for your kind comments and have a wonderful Easter weekend.
lina said…
Good advice, Jo.

Any act of kindness, be it from someone near or total strangers can certainly make our day. I'll try to do that more! :)
Jane Doe said…
What a wonderful post. I think we could all stand to be a little kinder in our lives. Thank you for reminding me to smile at a stranger.

Have a lovely weekend,

*MrsMartinez* said…
random acts of kindness... that's what I sometimes do. Sometimes it's the smallest things that you do that makes the difference.

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