Here a quack, there a goose, everywhere a wild bird

All photos and video taken by me at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park

Well, I am pretty pleased with myself. I've gone from not having any bird photos to taking dozens of closeups of these feathered critters. It all began with the Red Shouldered Hawk at the Botanical Gardens and continued through Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

I still have a montage of Stow Lake to bring you and will soon. I've just been very lazy since my book was released.

While in the area at Stow Lake, the bird wildlife plays and commingles with us humans. They are everywhere. They are in the lake, waddling around the grounds, swimming along the paddle boats and basically just hanging out and entertaining us humans. They are friendly, playful and very loving if you feed them. The video at the end of this post depicts a feeding frenzy. I tried very hard not to get the humans in the shot. I went there twice within a week and really enjoyed it. It is a hop, skip and a jump from the Botanical Gardens so it is very easy to visit all in one day.



Ann said…
Love the photos and the video. I just love watching birds, I try to get good pictures but I'm usually just not quick enough.
Ann, I'm not quick enough either but at Stow Lake you don't have to be quick because they are just relaxed and hanging out there like we are :D
DoanLegacy said…
Oh gorgeous water and land creatures. They are sometimes, very hard to snap photos of too!
Renee said…
The photos are beautiful! I am watching a "LIFE" special on birds... they are AMAZING creatures! You captured them well!

Renee :)
Kass said…
I love getting up close to birds. The shade of green in the water of that 3rd photo is amazing!
HeartyBux said…
I really love ducks.. =) Thank You for sharing the photos and videos to us.. =) My mom used to call me baby duck but now I am a teen ager.. =)
rainfield61 said…
Here a quack, there a goose, then come a wild human, LOL.
Duni said…
These are AMAZING. I love all types of birds - ducks especially. We have three 'pet' ducks living in our garden/pond :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful pictures, Jo, and the video is very nice. So many of them!
Doan, they really are hard to capture on camera but in this area they just hang around so it's easy :D
AVCr8teur said…
Stow Lake always brings me back to my childhood where we went on many school field trips. My classmate found an abandoned duck egg, brought it home, and it hatched into a beautiful duck.
Renee, they are really amazing, I've always loved birds.

Kass, that is the color of that lake. As you go way further down the lake it's a crystal clear blue. I have some photos of that I will post soon.

Hearty bux, thanks for visiting. She can now call you "teeny duck" :D

Rainfield, HA HA HA! Hilarious, and yes, I am the wild human.

Duni, OMG how I would love pet ducks. You are so lucky.

Icy, Yes they congregated there because some people were feeding them.
Diane AZ said…
Stow Lake looks like a wonderful place to watch water birds. These are such lovely shots!
RNSANE said…
The mallards are my favorites. I've always loved them and that brilliant green of their heads.
DK Miller said…
Yay! I love birds. Nice shots of the ducks and lake. Very pretty.

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