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Trees in my neighborhood - 17th and Santiago Street

Okay, here it is. The Botanical name is Musaceae

It is from East Asia and is called Musa Basjoo - Japanese Fiber Banana Tree

So, it seems Icy, had the right idea. It's very cool to see in person.

Poetic Shutterbug Press which published "nameless faces" will be publishing more books in the months ahead. I'm not sure exactly what I will be publishing next but I have many ideas. This along with some volunteer work and traveling that I will be doing will allow me less time to blog. I will still be blogging, visiting and commenting on all of your blogs but just not as often as I have in the past. Please make sure to subscribe or follow so you won't miss any of my fantastic posts :D.

Just a reminder that my book is now on Amazon.com and has the look inside feature enabled so you can try before you buy. If any of you are interested in an autographed copy, please leave a comment here or contact me directly at joanneolivieri@sbcglobal.net. For those of you who have the book, reviews are very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jo


RNSANE said…
Nice to know what that tree is, Jo...I'll write a review of your book but, of course, everyone knows it's fabulous - as are all your books of poetry!
Ann said…
Poetic Shutterbug Press has a very nice ring to it. It sounds as though you have some wonderful adventures ahead of you. I am already a follower so I never miss a single post of yours :) I'm going to have to go check out that book of yours too.
rainfield61 said…
I wonder you have banana tree in the neighbourhood too!
Mumsy said…
Sound like wonderful things are happening, and very exciting! Wish you all the luck!
Carmen, That tree is so cool in person.

Ann, Thanks for following, I follow you as well. I'm always excited to see your new posts.

Rainfield, Yep, we love bananas here :D

Mumsy, Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
Secondary Roads said…
Beautiful trees. I have a very good friend that lives just north of the park on Fulton. I've been a bit busy lately and haven't left a comment in some time, but I do visit each day. Please forgive.
Diane AZ said…
What beautiful and unusual trees you have in your neighborhood. Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful activities planned. Enjoy!
yoon see said…
Hello sister Joanne,
Thanks for always dropping by and giving lovely comments.

The pink cherry blossom is the central focus here, just too gorgeous!

Pls. forgive me as I did drop by three times to comment but the page didn't appear.
I tried to write to you previously, pressing the contact mebutton but I don't know why there are a lot of questions asked.....
Good now I know your email!!!
Good luck in your future publishing works and I also must plan my illustrated project with my lecturer!
Icy BC said…
Take all the time that you need to publish more poetry books, Jo. I'll be here, waiting!
AVCr8teur said…
I would never have guessed it to be a banana tree. It is definitely unusual. Good luck on all your future publishing endeavors!
*MrsMartinez* said…
So it's a banana tree. I wonder if we can eat its fruit? The first pic is awesome! You have a fantastic neighborhood ; )
Jane Doe said…
Beautiful trees. I especially like the second one. It's amazing, as are your pictures!

Have a great weekend.
fullet said…
Your projects sound great, I wish you the best. I will also be here, of course!
Liz said…
That sounds wonderful. Good luck!
Ratty said…
I don't think I know what any kind of banana tree looks like, so I would have never guessed this one. It's fun to know what it is though.

Judging by how good Nameless Faces is, I'm sure any future books will be fantastic.
Kass said…
As long as you have electric wires, it's nice to have pink flowers popping up through them.
Nice to know about the pod people tree.
DoanLegacy said…
Wish you all the luck with your new adventures and plans.
Thank you all for your well wishes and comments. I'll be around, just not as much. I always look forward to your comments and thoughts as well as visiting all of your blogs to see what you are all up to. Thanks.
Cinnamon-Girl said…
Your neighborhood is lovely! And that tree is so interesting and exotic looking!

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