Jack And The Redwood - Guest Post by Taylor Graham

Photo taken by me at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens


Imagine ascending on ropes, not quite to heaven –

to the Canopy Kingdom
where toppled crowns turn to dust,
to soil nourishing lichens and featherleaf ferns,
huckleberry thickets rooted in rot.

Gird yourself in harness, Jack, and not for lumber.

Climb the beanstalk that sprouted
when Caesar was a child, its roots vast
as underworlds unseen. All you know is what
you see, and feel with hand and sole:

the trunk, more than 20 feet thick at the base,
rising buttressed to look out over a forest in coastal
cloud. Pull yourself up as in fairy-tale
to meet – not slay – this giant tree. Climb above
his deep green shadow

till daylight filters through the highest branches,
350 feet above forest floor.
flop down in the palm of his hand. Pop
a huckleberry in your mouth. Give your host –
this giant – a seedy grin. He holds you
by your roots.


rainfield61 said…
Thans for the hold. I remembered a tree gave me a strong hold when I slipped, and went down the slope during the hike at Mt. Kinabalu.
Kass said…
Beautiful poem and photo. I especially can visualize plants being "rooted in rot." Very nice.
Glynis said…
I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing.
Ann said…
It sounds like heaven to plop down in the palm of his hand :). Nice poem and love the photo
Diane AZ said…
Really enjoyed the poem and image. Awesome to imagine climbing one of those big old redwoods.
Ratty said…
The poem and the picture make me want to go back out to the forest again. To be honest, it doesn't take much to make me want to do that, but this really has me re-energized and ready to go.
RNSANE said…
Taylor Graham always writes so descriptively. Excellent job, Jo.
EastCoastLife said…
A lovely day for a walk through the beautiful Redwood trees. Bring a picnic basket....
Short Poems said…
Wonderful poem filled with emotion :)

Marinela x
Mumsy said…
Wonderful poem with many images and the picture is gorgeous.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful. I want to walk down that path.
chubskulit said…
Looks like a relaxing trail to walk to. Have a nice weekend Joanne!
C said…
"toppled crowns turn to dust" ....

then I guess they weren't made of gold....
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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