Mind Control

Photo taken by me @ The Botanical Gardens

Same photo digitally altered by me - my interpretation of a cluttered mind with racing thoughts.

The mind is our own personal kingdom. It is not made of substance yet it controls our entire being. This is why it is important to posses a quiet mind. Our minds consist of past conditioning and thoughts which race as if they were in the Indy 500 using our mind as the raceway.

Have you ever experienced insomnia because you had all these racing thoughts cluttering your mind and as a result could not fall asleep? It’s a horrible feeling especially when you realize that all of these thoughts are not allowing you to have peace of mind, which is necessary for a happy and content life.

We also have to understand that we control our thoughts. So, when having all of these racers speed around in your mind you have to remember that you can control these thoughts. Just put the brakes on and quiet that speedway. How?

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Practice mind control on yourself. When you are having depressing or angry thoughts try and change your way of thinking. Looking at a situation in a different light can change your thoughts from negative to positive.

2. Your mind is your kingdom. If you were a king would you want someone or something invading your kingdom? Of course not. So, you have to look at your mind as a sacred place that belongs only to you. Negative thoughts do not belong there.

3. Remember that no outside source can make you unhappy or depressed. You have the choice. You are the only person who can enter your mind and clear the clutter.


Kass said…
Very good suggestions. The 2nd picture does remind me of neural networks or a blastoma.
AVCr8teur said…
Your digitally altered picture looks almost like something taken underwater. I do occasionally have insomnia especially after an exciting day. Our minds are powerful and can take over if we don't control it.
Ann said…
Ok Joanne, have you been reading my mind? Even though I know everything you said is absolutel y true I was in need of a good reminder of that today.
rainfield61 said…
Mind control sounds easy but is difficult to practice.
chubskulit said…
great alteration Joanne!
Vernz said…
Joanne, you are very true, I will today! but great manipulation you got there... I love your header ..

An Ordinary Day
RNSANE said…
I think it is really hard to clear one's mind if we don't start before bedtime, settling down. It seems to me, watching some of these really upsetting news programs or movies, right before we're ready to turn in, isn't the best way to do it. Perhaps a little meditation, nice music, reading something that isn't distressing is a good way to start preparing for a good night's sleep.

As much as I hated - and still hate - not working as a forensic nurse, I must admit that I sleep much better since I am not dealing with horrible crime anymore. It was so hard to come home after those cases and fall asleep, no matter how tired I was.
DK Miller said…
True but I agree with rainfield61 that it is hard to practice. Easy in theory. Your photos both look good. I like the manipulation.
betchai said…
gosh, your manipulation of the picture in the 2nd one really shows the clutters in our mind Jo, love it. if sometimes it is only easy to control our minds, I would sleep easily every night
Silvergirl said…
wow the second pic looks great!
Yah because of thoughts in my mind that keep me thinking i develop insomnia, no matter i try to close eyes and forget those in my mind.. but still I'm awake.. Now I try to control my thoughts and mind, or divert it in a pleasant way.
Icy BC said…
Great post, Jo! "Your mind is your kingdom", beautifully put.
Sadia Hussain said…
I like your digital version Joanne! Does look like millions of thoughts on the go!
Excellent suggestions too!
Would like to add a quote " Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change".
Take care and Hugs, Sadia
Secondary Roads said…
First, I love what you did with that photo Jo. It is very striking, and you draw an interesting analogy from that image.

Second, I wish I had discovered the truth of your three suggestions. My life has been much more pleasant since I discovered and acted on those truths.

Finally, I have had trouble sleeping because I was analyzing a situation or trying to formulate a solution to a problem. During my working career, I kept a pad and pencil by my bed. I found that by jotting down a note, I could let go of the problem and get sleep.
Kass, yeah it just made me think about how my mind would look in that condition :D

Karen, you are right, it certainly does. Yes, it's all about quieting the mind especially before bedtime.

Ann, yes, I am all know and always know what you are thinking :D I'd probably be better at reading Dukes mind :D

rainfield, you are so right, it is very difficult.

Thanks, Chub.

Vernz, thank you for visiting and for your kind words.

Carmen, absolutely and watching the new or even being on the internet is too much a distraction right before bed. Reading is wonderful or even writing in a journal is good. Or, for me, Dennis :D

Thanks Diane, yes the suggestions are difficult to implement but all I can do is try :)

Betchai, I know what you mean and thanks for the compliment.

Silver, same here, I have to remind myself each night to try and quiet my mind.

Thank you so much, Icy :)

Ah, Sadia, that is the perfect quote. I wish I had thought of that :) Thanks for the compliment.

Chuck, Thanks, I tried to display what that mind with racing thoughts would look like. That's fantastic that you've been able to implement those truths. What a good suggestion. It would certainly help so much to take notes and let it go until the next day. Thanks so much, Chuck.

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