Thursday Two Questions Meme San Francisco Insect Zoo

All of these photos were taken at the San Francisco insect zoo.

Photo above a tarantula.

Click photos to enlarge (at your own risk :D)

Some kind of ant.


HUGE wood cockroaches. These guys blended in with the tree bark and were about two to three inches long.

I don't know what these were but I found their healthy food choice interesting :)
Update: Thanks to my friend George, this is a millipede.

First I have to say insects of all kinds give me the creeps. I have been to the insect area of the SF zoo before and taken photos but due to the lighting they rarely come out well enough to post. Today, however was different. I was in there alone for a while and had to admit I felt very uneasy. Even though all of these species were behind glass I kept having visions of being somehow locked in there at night with all of these creepy crawlers surrounding me. I did have some great ideas for a horror movie :)

My two questions this week are:

1. Are you afraid or uneasy around insects?

2. Do you have an insect zoo or museum in your area?

Thursday Two Questions
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I totally do NOT LIKE creepy should see me if I see a spider I dont care what its size I freak out....if I was to see a Huge one Id probably pass out!!! And no I live in the middle of no where :(
Dena :D, I'm with you, I don't like them at all. I was feeling particularly uneasy while being in there alone today. I literally took hundreds of photos while at the zoo today so I'll have cuter, warmer and fuzzy animals for you all through the week.
Icy BC said…
1) Oh I really agree with you Jo, I always feel uneasy seeing these crawlers.

2) I don't think we have an insect museum or zoo in our area. But it could be that I avoid knowing that they exist :-)
Icy, :D You are in denial that they are there so you won't go :)
Ratty said…
First of all, great pictures! And, no, I've never really been uneasy around insects, but I don't get too near them if I don't have to. There is a place with insects at the Detroit Zoo near where I used to live. Icy should check it out. But I'm not sure there's anything like that here in Iowa.
betchai said…
I don't feel uneasy seeing insects, but must admit their presence on healthy food pictures gave me the creeps, love the amazing details in your pics Jo
RNSANE said…
I would so much more delight in your beautiful flower photography than these creatures. You know that I abhor spiders and, just looking at them, conjures up memories of IV sticks at Seton! Great shots, though!
Breathtaking said…
I applaud you for being scared but taking photos just the same.I think that observing
and photographing them is perhaps the best way of overcomming your fear!!!

I can't stand centipedes, or cockroaches,but some people just love them!!Good shots!
Cathy Kennedy said…
Afraid, NO. Uneasy, a little!

Gee, I couldn't tell you if we have a museum or not. It's something I wouldn't visit, though. I don't like pests. I kill them every chance I get, especially in the house.
Self Sagacity said…
yes, I am. Certain ones more than others. The looks of these guys here are not so scary to me. Yet worms gross me out so much more.
I didn't know there was an insect zoo in San Fran, it would be interesting to see.
Ratty, it seems that generally, guys don't mind insects. And, I knew with your adventurous spirit you would be ok with them :)

Betchai, exactly, that was very strange to see. I'm going to be inspecting the items in my produce market a little more closely from now on :D

Carmen LOL you're hilarious.

Breathtaking, Thanks but I don't know I'll be overcoming my fear anytime soon :)

Cathy, Our zoo here has many different exhibits within it's confines and this is one of them so I do go in occasionally. I do get spiders from time to time in the house and it creeps me out as well.

Amanda, if you ever come up here you should check it out. I'll go with you but sit outside :D
Josep said…
I don't like them much, but I'd love to have a zoo like this one near my home.
JamericanSpice said…
Those are very interesting creatures.

I don't really like being around bugs unleess they are contained.

And I am uncertain if we have a bug museum or not.


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