Camera Critters #193

All Photos Taken at the San Francisco Zoo.
Above photo, the Meerkat

Click Photos To Enlarge.

The Anteater

The Capybara

Camera Critters

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Andrea said…
They are lovely, i haven't seen them even in the zoo. The anteater of Australia is different than that one.
rainfield61 said…
These animals are lovely in their own way.
eileeninmd said…
Cool critters, the meerkat is adorable. Wonderful photos. Have a great day!
Icy BC said…
These are totally awesome critters, Jo! I don't think I saw them here at the zoo..
SquirrelQueen said…
Great critters. Your zoo seems to have quite a variety of animals. I really miss not having a zoo nearby. The meerkats are so cute.
Pat said…
A great trio of exotic critters!
TheAL said…
These are all so strange and beautiful. The anteater especially. It has s very elegant stride. Love that photo!

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