Wild Bird Wednesday 46

East African Crowned Crane

Scarlet Ibis


betchai said…
love the lighting in each of your pic, Jo, the glow in those birds added more beauty to them, love observing them as well
Icy BC said…
The colors on these birds are just beautiful!
mick said…
Amazing birds!
eileeninmd said…
Cool birds, the cranes are beautiful. Have a happy day!
Gary said…
Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Dave said…
Nice images, looks like the second bird is a Spoonbill, possibly Roseate Spoonbill??

Let me know if you agree as I may be wrong with the exact species.

Dave, You could be right although the sign indicated a scarlet ibis so I'm not sure.

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting
The cranes are beautiful.

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