Ruby Tuesday 2

Leucospermum Tottum (Protea) taken at the San Francisco Zoo
Native to South Africa

Rhododendron taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Fuchsia taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Ruby Tuesday 2
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AVCr8teur said…
Nice seeing more flowers blooming at the zoo. Happy Monday!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Some powerful reds! The protea is a stunner!
betchai said…
i have fuchia at home, and they are very lovely. the protea is very beautiful and unique, I wonder if I can easily grow it too
Nice refreshing burst of red. Beautiful shots!
Andrea said…
Wow they all look like very precious rubies, and i love your shots.
Ratty said…
Beautiful. I always wish I could do my closeup shots like this.

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