Thursday Two Questions Meme #137

1.  Where was this photo taken?

2.  Who do these legs and webbed feet belong to?

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betchai said…
oh wow, so hard to guess Jo :) a pink flamingo? but I wonder if they ever rest like that
AVCr8teur said…
My guess is that you were at the SF Zoo, but I have no clue which critter has those webbed feet. Now I am curious...
Thanks everyone for your comments. Karen, yes it was at the zoo and Betchai got it right, they belong to a pink flamingo. Normally they rest on one foot but this particular day was extremely hot and most of them were resting with their bodies on the ground and feet spread out.
Fascinating feet. That is an unusual shot.
Colette S said…
You take photos of the most interesting things.

I would have guessed at the zoo and that those feet were from an ostrich. haha.

Have a fun weekend!

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