Camera Critters #217

Green-winged Macaw
Ara chloropterus

Taken at the San Francisco zoo.  I've taken many shots of these gorgeous birds but can never get enough of them.

Camera Critters

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Icy BC said…
These are beautiful photos, Jo, and the birds are colorful and so pretty.

Your photos look like paintings!
betchai said…
beautiful photos, Jo, very full of life.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful birds!
Kathy said…
These big parrots are always so photogenic.
Ratty said…
A very beautiful bird. I would take as many pictures of it as I could too.
Kate said…
These birds are exotic and so beautiful. The reds are stunning.
eileeninmd said…
They are gorgeous birds and your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing, happy Sunday!
chubskulit said…
Gorgeous birds! Visiting late from Camera Critters.

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