Macro Monday at the San Francisco Zoo




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Fantastic photos ~ Wonderful! Love the animals ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^
Cathy H. said…
These are all amazing macro shots!! I love the lashes on the giraffe! They all look like they're enjoying the sunshine!
MG Atwood said…
what fun shots! Joining you from macro Monday.
rainfield61 said…
Macro can sometimes distorts our thought for the real ID of the animals.
Pat said…
The giraffe has such beautiful long eyelashes!
Ann said…
wow, you got up close and personal with those guys :)
Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, the markings on these critters are just fabulous!

I just took some pictures of the bird in your header, and found out its name: White-Crowned Sparrow! They are beautiful birds!

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