Macro Monday Bowl of Beauty

Paeonia Lactiflora (Bowl of Beauty)

Past ... a Bowl of Beauty
Written by:  Julie Brook who is a docent at the SF Botanical Gardens.

Peony, your Bowl of Beauty's giant pink petals
Surrounding a cluster of white ones fringed,
Gives me more that a twinge of aesthetic pleasure.
But why does your fragile treasure
So quickly succumb to shedding and dissolution?
Can't you  make a firmer resolution 
To keep yourself intact?
Or should I just return next Spring
to see your beauty back ...

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Betty Roan said…
WOW! That is an amazing macro shot!
Laura Hegfield said…
Exquisite! I'm looking forward to our peonies blooming soon!
Ann said…
I've never seen one of those, they are beautiful. The name suits them well
Andrea said…
A beautiful shot of a beautiful Peony, one that I haven't seen before. And your friend's poem speaks poetically of the disappointment we all feel when the blooms start to peel away. Thankfully, we can come back to see them next year ... one hopes.

Andrea @ From the Sol
betchai said…
wow,this pink shouts joy to me, Jo, very lovely.
Lea said…
Amazingly beautiful!
Happy Macro Monday!
Lea's Menagerie
Fantastic photography of a beautiful flower ~ thanks, ^_^
Ellie said…
These are lovely shots of that pretty flower.
Cathy H. said…
Beautiful peony! I love how the center pops in the first image! Your friend had the perfect poem for your photos!!
Ingmarie We said…
Bowl of beauty is one of my favorite peonies. Just love it.
Pat said…
What a beautiful peony!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful shots of peonies, and the poem is a lovely company.

Have a great week, Jo.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful shots of peonies, and the poem is a lovely company.

Have a great week, Jo.
rainfield61 said…
I can see her little sweet pinkish lips in the second picture.

Very sexy of course.

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