Thursday Two Questions Meme - Happiness

I am going to be very honest and blunt about the quote on this photo.  I found this on a Facebook page and thought to myself whoever said this has obviously never seen or been around babies.

I see babies and toddlers daily and they have the most innate ability to charm the entire world around them with their sense of wonderment and childlike innocence.    Their smiles can light up the universe.

I truly believe we are all born with happiness seeping through our heart and soul.  We don't need to "create" happiness because it lives within us.  As we grow older with less childlike innocence we need to learn how to let go of the past and allow our inherent happiness to live in the moment.

1.  How do you interpret this quote?

2.  Do you live in the moment or let past memories dictate how you live your life?

3.  Bonus ? - What makes you happy?

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Ann said…
I have to agree with your opinion on the quote. As for question 2 I suppose I do a little of both.
What makes me happy? This may sound really stupid but the only thing that makes me happy is simply deciding that I want to be.
SquirrelQueen said…
You are right about babies being born happy. The sadness is learned. Those are the times we need to rekindle our inner joy.

I tend to live in the moment and let life take me along. Memories live in the shadows of yesterday and while we need to remember them we don't need to let them control our lives.
Anonymous said…
1) I think this quote is misleading on "the ability to create happiness", and not agreeable with me. As I know and have seen many people struggle to find that "ability" or the mean to create happiness.

2)I don't live in the past or let it dictates my life, but it does surface at times, and I just have to find a way to let it goes.

I am generally a happy person :-)
Cathy Kennedy said…
I have never really thought about it before, but you're absolutely correct. After we get past the child-like innocence then it's up to each of us to choice to allow circumstances good or bad to bring us down. Some of us struggle with this more than others, but if we have the attitude of "there is someone else out there in a whole lot worse shape" then our mood definitely take an upward turn for the better.

Just living in the moment makes me happy. I am a bubbly person and many of the simple things give me great happiness. I feel enormously blessed!
Jim said…
I think that we don't have to start creating happiness until are accountable for our actions. Yes, babies create happiness but also a lot frustrations. Remember, "It takes a village to grow up a child." (or somewhat like that)

I'll mix on the moment and memories for my happiness. I really do like helping others too for happiness.

Ice cream makes me happy. That works on kids too.
Self Sagacity said…
since you've pointed out. I think the quote should have been the other way around. smiles. I believe that we all can create our own happiness, it is whether we want to or not. so that part is true. The first part that we weren't born with happiness, I say you've definitely hit the nail on its head. Some people I know live in a world of fantasy, especially about receiving negative feedback. In their world, everything is nice, ok, and they would run if heard anything less. I live in the moment mostly, but if I need to, I would refer to the past to for soul searching.
Bonus: for me, not a short answer. :-)
JamericanSpice said…
1. I never know what someone is thinking when they make a quote, hence many quotes are just a feeling of opinion and not fact.
Maybe they refer to the pain of childbirth and the baby going through so much to get here.

2. I do both. I'm weighed down most times by past experiences. I'm learning just a little each day to let it go.

3. Anything can make me happy. It all depends on the time, mood, experience.
Just my daughter saying she misses me when I pick her up from school, makes me happy!

Aloha :)

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