Thursday Two Questions Meme - Art

Winter in the Country 1857
by: George Henry Durrie

Scene in the Arctic 1880
by: William Bradford

Oranges in Tissue Paper 1890 
by: William Joseph McCloskey

Today I am bringing you a few of my favorite paintings from the DeYoung Museum here in San Francisco.  I am an art lover and though I do appreciate modern art, my heart is with traditional pieces.  I have always enjoyed snow scenes and the artist George Henry Durrie in my opinion is one of the best and my favorite.   He is one of the top artists for the Currier and Ives collections.

Winter scenes have always touched my heart and made me feel safe and comfortable.  I also noticed that while typing the information for each painting that they and others that I admire hail from the nineteenth century.  The coincidence is that my favorite poets also lived in that same time frame.

1.  Could it be I was poetic shutterbug in an earlier life and lived among these artists?  

2.  What types of art do you enjoy?

As a side note I want to thank the DeYoung Museum for allowing shutterbugs like myself to snap photos of their gorgeous collections.

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Icy BC said…
Like you, I prefer more of classic art pieces, and yes you have a poetic soul so you're drawn to them.

These are beautiful paintings!
SquirrelQueen said…
I suspect you were an artist in another life. Can you imagine what it must have been like to sit and talk with some of the greats. Perhaps in a small cafe in Paris.

I enjoy the works of artists like Van Gogh and Monet.
Self Sagacity said…
I think you might be...lost in this century, or here to help some of us amateurs learn about these great artists.
I have to say I am more of a modern, or traditional art lover. Nature lover, paintings draws me in when it means something to me. For example a place that I can relate to, so it's not any different from you since you can relate to these paintings.
Have you ever dressed in the nineteenth century's attire? How do you like yourself in it?
Anonymous said…
I am not so much into painting and sculpture pieces, but I do think they are very educational and fantastic pieces.

You are an artist, so naturally, these paintings speak to you and pull you I think :-)
JamericanSpice said…
We all seem to have that thing that speaks to us and we mold together easily.

You art, me dance :)

2. I like life like art. I must really see something that wows me. If I'm staring at a line across a page, then I'll be numb.


And those you showed are lovely!
missmeggy said…
1. I think you are! :)
2. I enjoy looking at historical artifacts and paintings from the 16-17th century. Those things fascinate me a lot

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