Sundays In My City - Around San Francisco


San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Downtown San Francisco 

Transamerica Pyramid Building

Transamerica Pyramid Building Side View

Unknown Mami
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betchai said…
beautiful shots Jo of beautiful San Francisco, glad to see you enjoying always your days there.
Dimple said…
San Francisco is the only city I really like. Tony Bennett sang it!
Ann said…
That pyramid building is pretty cool but I love the building in chinatown. So colorful
Heather said…
beautiful shots! Love the views of the pyramid building!
Tara R. said…
Wonderful shots of the city. I really like the perspective on these photos.
Ruthi said…
your city never fails to fascinate me.
Keetha Broyles said…
I'm loving that first picture - the Chinatown house! Or should I say the China Townhouse!?
StarTraci said…
As a former San Franciscan, I feel you really captured the unique diversity that is that amazing city.

Just beautiful!
toi said…
San Francisco is always so beautiful :)
jakill said…
Wonderful pics, Jo. You make me really keen to visit Chicago.
Unknown Mami said…
I love the looking up shots. Great sense of perspective.

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