Macro Monday Flowers

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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Icy BC said…
Beautiful, beautiful macro shots of these flowers, Jo! I love them all!
Ann said…
those are gorgeous. I really like that second one whatever it is
Jama said…
These are so gorgeous!
RNSANE said…
Just gorgeous, area is so dusty and dry, I've seen few flowers.
Leslie said…
they're all lovely, but i think that last one is my favorite :)
betchai said…
oh Jo, these are beautiful macro pictures, it's like looking deeper inside into the heart of the flowers bring so much joy.
Pieni Lintu said…
So lovely colors!!!
Nita said…
I agree. These are beautiful macro shots! Happy Macro Monday!

Beautiful macro photos.

Regards and best wishes
Kala said…
Lovely details and light in these images.

Happy MM

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