On Your Own

Photo of me taken by Carmen a few months ago.

I have always been a free spirit doing my own thing. My thoughts and ideas flow freely each moment of each day. I chose this photo for my post because it so aptly depicts the essence of me and the thought behind my post.  We were at a party a few months ago and I was of course, with camera in hand taking photos of the water. Carmen snapped this shot.

On Your Own

Did you ever notice that when you decide on doing something, whether it be changing jobs or following your dreams and you begin to discuss your ideas with family, co-workers and friends, that you will inevitably need to defend your ideas and most likely end up arguing in defense of your thoughts?  Why? Because when we put those ideas out there, two things happen.  First, behind those ideas is our ego intent on bragging to others in order to validate the thoughts and intent.  Remember that intent from ego is taking the wrong direction.  Intent from heart is the true and right direction.

Second,  no matter how strong you feel about your idea, the fact is that when others finish telling you how “out there” your idea is or give you logical reasons as to why it’s never going to work, all that negativity will kill your idea and result in it never coming to fruition.

Your ideas from the heart grow and our born into fruition by your not needing any validations but rather taking that first step on your own with a clear understanding and knowing that this idea which comes from your heart is your destiny.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. You do not need endorsements from others.  Endorsements come from ego.  Your heart needs to be the ruler.

2. You don’t need to announce your ideas.  They come from your spirit therefore they need no introduction or applause.

3. Creation is derived from the unseen into the seen.  It is born within your spirit and created as a result of that birth by you.  


betchai said…
I missed your food for thoughts, Jo, I remember you used to write a lot of thoughts to ponder. I so love what you shared today, and so true.
Bossy Betty said…
Thank you for these thoughts! Just what I needed to hear today!
Icy BC said…
I understand this completely since a similar situation has just happened to me recently. After a long pause, I went on and did what I thought it was right to do, and it did work out for the best.

I must remember your suggestions!

Happy birthday, Jo!

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