Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday #236

Where Solitude Disturbs Nothing

Listen to the quiet

fog drenched leaves
sing in tune
a soft breeze.

Where solitude
disturbs nothing
and serenity
speaks echoes.

Chime in cadence
the bird's lullaby
carried by the wind
freedom blessed.

A sanctuary
warmed by the sun
kissed by the moon
forever gentle.

I am participating in Outdoor Wednesday


Marlee said...

Your lovely poem is inspiring me to seek solitude and soon! ~Marlee

Jim said...


acreativeharbor.com said...

Very creative poetry ~ lovely ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

betchai said...

you are giving us serenity in your words and in your picture Jo, love both of them

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Your photo brings forth the joy of nature. Enjoyed the poem as well; beautiful, simply beautiful.
Smiles, Chey