Outdoor Wednesday #235 Angel's Flight Los Angeles

Photos taken at Angel's Flight in Los Angeles, CA

Had a great time in Los Angeles visiting friends and exploring not only Hollywood but downtown LA.  At fifty cents a ride, Angel's flight is not only the least expensive railway you will ever find but it is the shortest railway line in the world traveling about one to two blocks.

It is located in the Bunker Hill area of Los Angeles between Hill street and Grand avenue.  It is very narrow, both the tracks and cars with a steep uphill climb.  I was thrilled to see this as it is a landmark and has a rich history which you can read here.

I did not have time to ride this quaint little railroad while there but am definitely looking forward to it in the near future.

Click photos below for larger images.

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Jim said…
That looks excellent.
Icy BC said…
Whoa..that is such a steep hill, and railway looks amazing. Glad you had a great time!
Anonymous said…
Jo, As always I have enjoyed my adventures virtually traveling with you. Have you ever thought of doing a travel book? You photos are wonderful! Looking forward to the next adventure.
betchai said…
hmmm, i did not know about this, thanks for sharing Jo, will check this out when I get a chance, glad you had a wonderful time in LA
Self Sagacity said…
How do you guys do it? Post photos right away after a trip. I still haven't figure it out yet.
I hope you had a nice trip.

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