Macro Monday 2 at the Zoo

It's not just about the animals at the San Francisco zoo
All photos taken at the SF Zoo.

I am participating in Macro Monday 2


rainfield61 said…
Beautiful Sunday Flowers.
WOW! Amazing roses at the top! I can almost smell them! :O)
Jama said…
Stunning flowers.
Mary said…
Wonderful shots! Beautiful flowers!
Icy BC said…
You have so many beautiful flowers there at the SF garden, Jo!
Pat said…
Beautiful shots!
Jannibele said…
What a beautiful range of flowers!
That last hydrangea shot is my favourite - I've always loved them!
Frank said…
Gorgeous blooms.
Must have been a lovely outing!wonderful flowers.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the variety of colours of the different flowers! So radiant in the sunlight!

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